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C'wealth Reserve
Douglas Pde
Gellibrand Light
Gellibrand Light 2
Gem Pier
Holy Trinity
James Patterson
Nelson PL
Nelson Pl. 2
Nelson Pl. 3
Newport Punt
Old Post Office
Point Gelibrand
Race Course
Time Ball Tower
Time Ball Tower 2
Williamstown Historical Images

From Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

Williamstown was the first seaport of Melbourne back in 1834 and during the gold rush, which  started in the 1850's, was the port from which eager miners began their journey to the gold fields and potential riches.


These images from The Haven Gallery's historical photograph and lithograph collection.

We have published only a few images from our collection.  If there are particular historical areas of Williamstown you are  interested in, please email us and we will publish those in that category. 

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Newport Punt

Gellibrand Light

Nelson Pl.

Old Post Office

Gem pier

Holy Trinity Church

Time Ball Tower

Point Gellibrand

Nelson Pl. 2

Time Ball Tower 2

Williamstown Race Course

Douglas Pde

James Patterson

Commonwealth Reserve

Gellibrand Light 2

Nelson Pl. 3



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